Petri Color 35
Instruction Book

Petri Color 35

The Petri Color 35 is a most remarkable camera. With the lens retracted, it is small enough to be carried in a pocket. It shoots a full 35mm frame and a has a great lens. Because of a clever design, it can be completely held and controlled using only the right hand.

The Color 35D pictured above, with Mini-Flash and UV filter installed, was purchased a military exchange in U-Tapao, Thailand in 1971 for $31.00.

A comprehensive history of the Petri Color 35 is at

These pages are scans of the user's manual ("Instruction Book" as the cover says.)

Subject Page
Front Cover 1
Contents 2
A quick operating guide for using the Petri Color 35 4 - 5
Parts name 6 - 7
Major features of the Petri Color 35 8
How to insert battery and test it 9
How to open the camera back 10
Film wind lever / film counter 11
Extending and retracting the lens 12
The lens 13
Shutter Speed Wheel 14
Arpeture Wheel 15
Film speed (ASA ir DIN) setting 16 - 17
Exposure setting 18 - 19
Shooting against the light 20
Focusing the lens 21 - 22
Depth of field 22 - 23
Composing your picture 24
How to hold your Petri Color 35 25
Film Loading 26 - 27
Rewinding and unloading the film 28
Flash photography 29
Maintenance and care of your Petri Color 35 30
Accessories 31
Rear cover 32

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