Comments and Reviews
Reports from the Convention that you may not have heard:

Debbie Monnier, of the Salem Branch of the AFS was the winner of the Ted Paskesen Memorial Trophy for the best orange fuchsia with her entry of “Tubular Bells”. We appreciate her bringing it all the way down by car from Oregon.

Judy Bligh had the wining ticket for the Friendship Quilt with all the donated handcrafted squares done by AFS members. She was so pleased.

The crocheted AFS logo blanket done by Janis Berquist was won by Joan Esperance, formally of the San Francisco Branch AFS but now living in Australia. At least it was a portable prize.

Many of you know that attendance at past Fuchsia Conventions has resulted in romantic connections—ask Nancy and Arthur or Gwen and Walt. This year was no exception. After the Convention, Brian and Georgina from Coventry, UK, accompanied by other attendees, went to Las Vegas and got married.

Review from Bob Mack from Australia (Adobe PDF format).

Madalyn received many thank you notes and emails after the Convention which was very gratifying. Everyone appreciated the work that went into making it a success.

I particularly liked the final line in an email from Brian Dickinson from Yorkshire UK. “Incidentally, I don’t like the look of the fuchsia gall-mite” Nor do any of us!

In a note from Diane Montero of the AFS Sacramento Branch “As to the raffle prizes, I won San Bruno’s magnificent “spa basket”. Please tell them how impressed I am with the contents. I also won a needlework pillow and a lap quilt. I don’t know how to contact the ones who made them. If you could pass on my appreciation for their work, I would be grateful.” Note from Madalyn: We had so many donations of pillows and lap quilts (quilt squares) that it would be impossible to know who to thank.

From Pat Arndt for the NWFS “Just a quick note to thank you for the great convention! I know how hard you worked to make it all perfect for all of us. I know because I have been there.”

Note: Pat was Convention Chairperson for the Seattle 2000 Convention.

Email from Joan Hampton of the NWFS: “ I loved your ‘after convention’ web page! Just think, when conventions started back in 1985 we hardly were using computers like we are now, and certainly no one ever thought about doing an 'after convention' page. Kent did a great job taking all the photos -- I think he must have at least one shot of EVERYONE!”

Review From Diane Vernon of the B.C. Fuchsia & Begonia Society (Adobe PDF format).