Pacifica NGS Benchmarks

This is a partial list of USGS Benchmarks in Pacifica.

PID Map Link Status Local Designation
HT 0462 MAP Recovered Bridge near American Legion Hall
HT 0464 MAP Recovered Highway 1 and Westport Dr. (Fairway Park)
HT 0465 MAP Recovered Highway 1 - Sharp Park Road Overpass
HT 0467 MAP Recovered Francisco Blvd - opposite north edge of golf course
HT 0468 MAP Recovered Highway 1 - Paloma Overpass - opposite Winter's Tavern
HT 0469 MAP Recovered Palmetto Ave - opposite from Van-Go Painting
HT 0470 MAP Recovered Highway 1 - Manor Dr. overpass - opposite Seaview Theatre
HT 2808 MAP Not Found Near Sharp Park Rd & Skyline Blvd
HT 2815 MAP Not Found Beach between Pacific Manor & Sharp Park
AB7673 MAP Recovered Oceana High School parking lot
HT1823 MAP Recovered Highway 1 - Bridge over San Pedro Creek

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The excuse for a walk outdoors. Some new "toys": a Garmin eTrex GPS receiver and a Sony Mavica FD-83 digital camera. Discovering that all benchmarks are now listed on the Internet and that most haven't been "recovered" in many years. Might as well do something useful as a reason to go for a saunter. After you turn 50 nobody cares if you do goofy things anyway.

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