The FRG-7700 has been carefully aligned and tested at the factory prior to shipment. With normal usage, it should not require other than the usual attention given to electronic equipment. Service or replacement of a major component may entail substantial realignment; under no circumstances, however, should realignment be attempted unless the operation of the receiver is fully understood, and the malfunction has been definitely traced to misalignment rather than component failure. Service work should be performed only by experienced personnel using the proper test equipment.
(1) Counter Clock Frequency Adjustment
Connect a frequency counter to TP1007. Adjust TC1003 for a reading of 3.2768 MHz on the counter.
(2) SSB Carrier Frequency Adjustment
a. Connect a frequency counter to TP1005, and set the MODE switch to the USB position. Adjust TC1002 for a reading of 456.5 kHz on the counter.
b. Set the MODE switch to the LSB/USB position. Adjust TC1001 for a reading of 453.5 kHz on the counter.