(5) Note that stations on different bands may be stored in memory. Once stored, they may be recalled without the need to rotate the band switch to the appropriate band. In other words, you may store stations in the 11 MHz, 15 MHz, and 21 MHz bands as you tune them in using the band switch and main tuning dial; once you press the MR button, you only need to rotate the M CH switch to recall these stations, with no change in the position of the bandswitch required.
(6) The M FINE control may be used to provide fine tuning of =1 kHz from a memorized frequency. This may be necessary should the memorized station begin to drift, or should propagation conditions cause new interference to appear on frequency. Judicious use of the AM N position of the mode switch, along with the M FINE control, will provide solid copy on many stations that might otherwise be obliterated by interference
The built in digital quartz clock is a highly accurate timepiece which adds convenience and flexibility to your FRG 7700 station. The clock will operate so long as the receiver plugged in, and it will also operate off of the memory backup batteries. When the receiver is initially plugged in, the clock will indicate AM I:00 and will begin counting. Setting the time is a simple procedure, as shown below.
Example: set the clock to 5:25:00 PM
(1) Place the FUNCTION switch in the CLOCK position, then push and hold the HOUR SET button. The minutes and seconds will reset to zero. Tune in WWV at 10 MHz (or another international time standard) on the receiver. When the time standard ticks off the start of a new minute, release the HOUR SET button. This will align the count of the seconds to the international time standard.
(2) Push the HOUR button to advance the hour digit to 5:00. If the HOUR button is held for more than two seconds. the hour digits will advance rapidly until the HOUR button is released.
(3) Push the MINUTE button to advance the minute digit to 25. When the MINUTE button is pressed and held, the digits will advance rapidly, in the same manner as the hour digit.
(4) The clock should be accurate within 15 seconds per month. When setting the clock, be certain that the appropriate AM/PM digit is illuminated.
Four timer functions are available. They are:
ON Timer
  In this mode, the receiver is turned on at a pre programmed time.
OFF Timer
  In this mode, the receiver is turned off at a pre programmed time.
ON/OFF Timer
  In this mode, both the on and off times are preset for power control on the receiver.
SLEEP timer
  In this mode, you may set a listening time of up to 59 minutes, after which the receiver will turn off.
To set the timer for on (off automatic control of the FRG 7700, proceed as follows (example on time 10:30 AM, off time I 1 :30 4M)
(1) Set the POWER switch to OFF, and set the function switch to the ON position.
(2) Set the display to 10:30 AM by pushing the HOUR and MINUTE buttons, in the same way as you did when you preset the clod, earlier.
(3) Set the function switch to OFF. Set the display to 11:30 AM by pushing the HOUR and MINUTE buttons.
(4) Push the TIMER switch to activate the tire" The FRG 7700 will turn on at 10:30 AM, am turn off at 11 :30 AM. Be certain to observe the AM or PM lamps when programming fl , on and off times.