Notes Regarding Antenna Installations
For general reception (listening on both LF/MF and shortwave bands), the antenna connection should be made to the SW/BC terminal or the coaxial cable connector. However, should you only be interested in listening on the LF/MF bands, we recommend that the antenna be connected to the BC terminal on the rear panel of the receiver.
Use extreme caution when installing your antenna system. Every year, several people are electrocuted because their antenna touched a high voltage wire providing their normal house current. It is extremely important that your shortwave antenna be located such that it cannot possibly come in contact with electric wires even in a disasterous windstorm.
The REMOTE terminals are connected to a relay, which is an electronically controlled switch. In the case of the FRG 7700, the switching relay is controlled by the clock timer, allowing you to control the operation of a tape recorder or other equipment simply by the proper setting of your FRG 7700 clock controls. The ''N.O.'' terminal is "normally open," which means that the relay will cause no connection to be made from the center pin to ground until the timer activates the relay. The "N.C." terminal is "normally closed," which means that the relay contacts will cause a connection to be made between center pin and ground until the relay is activated: the relay will then open the connection.
Most tape recorders have a "footswitch" connection which allows external control. In some cases. This external on/off control line is incorporated into the microphone cord. Closing an external switch then allows the tape recorder to be turned on. To use this kind of tape recorder with the FRG-7700, connect a shielded cable from the tape recorder footswitch jack to the FRG-7700 "N.O." jack, and connect a shielded cable from the FRG-7700 "REC" jack on the front panel to the tape recorder "LINE IN" or "MIC" jack, depending on the levels accepted by your tape recorder. Remember that the REC jack on the FRG-7700 is not controlled by the AF GAIN control, but the EXT SP jack is; you may want to connect your audio input line differently in your case.
Details of the operation of the timer are included in the "Operation" section of this manual. Table indicates the position of the relay contacts tied to the REMOTE terminal.
When the FRG 7700 is used in conjunction with a transmitter, the MUTE terminal on the rear panel may be used to silence the receiver when transmitting. Do not forget to use a relay for external antenna switching between the receiver and transmitter. Shorting the MUTE terminal to ground will cause the receiver to be silenced.