Best performance from this equipment can only be obtained if proper care is observed during installation. While the setup procedure for the FRG7700 is extremely straightforward, permanent damage to the set can occur if improper voltage is applied to the unit or if external connections are improperly made. Before attempting operation of your FRG 7700, be certain to read the following sections carefully.
Carefully remove the FRG 7700 from its carton, and inspect it for any signs of physical damage. Rotate the knobs and push the, switches, checking each for normal freedom of action. Should any damage be observed, document it carefully, and notify the shipping company immediately. Save the carton and foam packing material for possible use at a later date
Your FRG 7700 is supplied with a power transformer capable of operation from 100, 120, 220, or 240 volts, as these voltages are the ones most commonly used throughout the world. Your Yaesu dealer has taken care to make sure that your radio is set up for the voltage used in your area. However, in some parts of the world, more than one voltage is available for use. It is extremely important that the FRG-7700 not be subjected to an improper supply voltage.
Therefore, before connecting the power cord to the radio, make absolutely certain that the voltage specification marked on the rear panel of your receiver (lower right hand corner) matches your local supply voltage. At the same time, check to make certain that a fuse of the proper rating is installed. For 100/120 volt operation, use a 1 amp fuse. For 230/240 volt operation, use a 1/2 amp fuse. The fuse holder is located on the rear panel. NEVER remove the fuse holder when the power cord is plugged into the wall outlet.
Be certain to observe the above precautions regarding power connections and fuses. Our warranty does not cover damage caused by improper supply voltage nor damage caused by use of an improper fuse.
To set the radio up for operation on a different voltage (as, for example, should you move from Europe to the United States), proceed as follows:
(1) Disconnect the power cord from the rear of the FRG 7700.
(2) Remove the label covering the voltage selector control on the rear apron of the receiver.
(3) Insert a screwdriver into the slot on the voltage selector. Rotate the selector until the proper voltage is at the very bottom of the selector, in line with the pointer.
(4) If a change is made from 100/120 volts to 220/240 volts, or vice versa, be certain that you install a fuse of the proper rating. For 100; 120 volts, use a I amp fuse, and for 220/240 volts, use a 1 /2 amp fuse.
(5) Make a small label to indicate the new voltage specification for the receiver, and secure it over the voltage selector.
(6) Connect the power cord to the rear panel "AC" jack, and plug the power plug into your wall outlet.
(7) If you have any doubt about your local supply voltage, ask your Yaesu dealer. Improper supply voltage must not be applied to this instrument.