MINUTE This switch is used for setting minutes. The setting procedure is identical to that for setting hours.

This switch, when pressed, resets the minute and second digits of the clock to zero. For example, if more than 30 minutes are displayed on the clock, pressing the HOUR SET button will advance the clock to the next hour. If less than 30 minutes have elapsed in the hour, pressing the HOUR SET butters will zero the minutes and seconds, but leave the hour reading unchanged. This feature facilitates easy time setting.


This switch, when pressed, clears the remaining time before the programmed off time. After the timer turns the receiver on in the TIMER mode, you may push the TIMER CLEAR button to turn the receiver off. The following day, the receiver will turn ON again at the programmed time. In the sleep timer mode, pushing this switch will cause the remaining time to be zero. and the receiver will turn off.

This is a standard UHF type coaxial connector for shortwave and standard broadcast listening. This connector is wired in parallel with the SW; BC terminals.
(2) AC
The AC power cable should be connected at this point.
(3) ATT
The ATT (Attenuator) switch activates an at- in the incoming signal path when the LOCAL position is selected. For best receiver sensitivity, this switch should be placed in the DX position.
For 100/120 volt operation, a 1 amp fuse should be installed here. For 200/240 volt operation, a 1/2 amp fuse should be installed here. When replacing fuses, be absolutely certain to use a fuse of the proper rating, as our warranty does not cover damage caused by use of an improper fuse.