The FRG-7700 is a revolutionary communications receiver for the most demanding shortwave listener. Using an advanced frequency synthesizer, the FRG-7700 provides reception over the range 150 kHz - 29.9 MHz, with provision for reception of AM, SSB, CW, and FM stations. In the AM mode, three bandwidths are available, allowing the operator to select the IF bandwidth most appropriate for the interference level and fidelity requirements of each listening period.

Available as an option for the FRG-7700 is Yaesu's exciting memory feature, which allows the storage and recall of up to twelve discrete frequencies. This allows the operator to watch several stations with pushbutton ease, thus eliminating the considerable effort involved in tuning manually for each of several stations one wants to watch. A memory backup feature is built into the memory unit (three penlight cells required, batteries not supplied).

The FRG-7700 features high sensitivity, excellent selectivity, digital plus analog display of the operating frequency, and a built-in digital quartz clock that can be programmed to turn the receiver on and off. A snooze timer is included in the clock feature. The timer may also be used to control peripheral equipment such as a tape recorder, for unattended recording of programs you might otherwise miss because you must be away from your station.

Top performance features include a highly effective noise blanker, selectable fast/slow AGC (Automatic Gain Control) circuit, an audio filter which may be adjusted to improve interference rejection, an easy-to-read S-meter, and two RF attenuators (one fixed, one continuously adjustable) for operation under very strong signal conditions. For FM operation, a squelch control will silence the receiver until a signal is received. Convenient interface jacks for tape recorder control, audio output to an external speaker or tape recorder, receiver muting, and for listening via headphones make the FRG-7700 truly the most versatile receiver to be made available to the shortwave listeners of the world.

We recommend that this manual be read carefully prior to operating the FRG-7700. With proper care in installation and operation, this receiver will provide you with many years of trouble-free operation.