MODE LSB for 160. 80 and 40 meter bands
USB for 20, 15 and 10 meter bands
PRESELECT Desired frequency. Refer to Table 2.
MHZ ""

Turn the LOWER switch on. Precisely adjust the MHz dial until the LOCK lamp turns off. Tune the main tuning dial for the desired signal until the signal is clearly heard. Use the FINE TUNING control for precise tuning. When the received signal is garbled, try the opposite sideband. When an extremely strong signal is distorted, peak the PRESELECTOR for a maximum S-meter reading.

Set the ATT switch to LOCAL position to avoid front end over loading. Set the VOLUME for desired listening level.

The amateur SSB signals cut high and low audio response, so that it may be helpful to reduce the interference by setting the TONE switch at NARROW or LOW position.

CW (Morse Code Signal):

The code signal can be heard with the MODE switch at USB/CW position and by tuning the main tuning dial for a desired listening tone.


The broadcast signal is transmitted on AM mode. If impulse type noise is experienced, set the MODE switch to AM/ANL position to reduce the noise interference.


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