Rear Panel Connection

This jack is for connection of a 4 ohm external speaker when desired. With the plug in the S jack, the internal speaker is disconnected.

(2) EXT DC
Receptacle for external 12 volts DC supply.

(3) FUSE
Fuse for AC operation. Use 0.15 amp rating fuse.

(4) AC cord
Cord for AC operation.

(5) SW2
Coaxial connector for short wave listening.

SW is long wire antenna terminal for the short wave listening.
BC is long wire antenna terminal for the broadcast band listening.
E is ground connection.
MUTE is used to disable the receiver while trans-mitting. Connect this terminal to ground for receiver muting.

(7) (8)
AC cord holder and the internal battery pack. Use eight UM-1 dry cells.

Fig.3 External Power Plug Connection

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