This switch is used to turn off the lamp so as to save the current drain when the FRG-7 is operated from internal dry cells.

(10) POWER
This switch turns off the supply voltage for 1)0th AC anti DC operation.

Phone jack is provided for private listening and the speaker is disconnected when the plug is in-serted in this jack.

This jack is for recording purpose and the output level is set to approximately 50 mV regardless of setting of the VOLUME control.

Internal Speaker.

Main tuning dial calibrator.

(15) S-METER
The S-meter indicates the relative signal strength of the received signal. It is calibrated in S-unit from S-1 to S-9 and in dB over S-9.

(16) LOCK
The LOCK lamp lights up when the synthesized heterodyne oscillator is unlocked.

(17) (18) MHz
This MI-lz control synthesizes heterodyne oscillator to the harmonics of 1 MHz crystal oscillator. The scale is calibrated in MHz with the frequency show-ing the correct setting of the heterodyne signal.

(19) (20) PRESELECT
The PRESELECTOR control tunes the receiver front end. The scale is calibrated with the fre- ~ quency showing the correct setting for various bands.

Fig. 2 Headphone Connection

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