The model FRG-7 is an all solid state synthesized communication receiver designed to cover the entire high frequency spectrum, 500 kHz to 29.9 MHz.

FRG-7 is a triple conversion super heterodyne receiver utilizing synthesized heterodyne oscillator known as the “Wadley Loop System” which offers unparalleled stable performance.

The calibrated dial mechanism provides 10 kHz frequency readout throughout the receiver coverage.

Good selectivity is provided for SSB, AM and CW with the utilization of a ceramic filter in the 455 kHz IF circuits.

The FRG-7 includes three step front end attenuator, amplified AGC and low-normal-high tone select switch for extreme flexibility that even the most demanding amateur, CBer, or broadcast listener desires. In addition, the large cabinet and hi-fl speaker will provide you with high quality audio output.

The FRG-7 includes a self-contained three way power supply for 100/110/117/200/220/234 volts AC 50/60 Hz, an internal battery or external 12 volt DC. If the AC power source fails, the unit switches automatically to an internal battery which uses eight UM-l dry cells.

To save battery consumption, the dial lamps can be switched off

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